This is undoubtedly a luxurious car, whether you sit in the rear or behind the wheel. But it is also a car that is eminently worthy of the Flying Spur name: every aspect of its design has been driven by those who appreciate the unmistakable thrill of taking to the road in a sports car.

Everywhere you look on the sleek, handcrafted exterior, you will see details inspired by almost a century of dominance on the racetrack.

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This remarkable car is built around the power of a 6.0-litre, twin-turbo W12 engine supplying substantially increased power and torque for thrilling performance. The engine delivers an electrifying 635PS and a maximum torque of 820 Nm. These enhancements deliver smooth, surging acceleration from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. The W12 S also offers a useful 672km range between refuelling stops, enabling the driver to appreciate uninterrupted driving pleasure.

For more than a decade, Bentley has built cars on a proven permanent all-wheel drive system and the Flying Spur W12 S is no exception. Bentley Dynamic Ride gives the driver a choice of driving modes, ensuring the suspension settings can always be optimised for changing driving conditions.

A default 40:60 rear-biased torque split gives a sense of agility, reducing understeer on bends and transferring power between the front and rear axles on demand, according to which wheels have the strongest grip on the road. By delivering traction at all times, it ensures you will always feel the full power of the W12 engine at your disposal. Even in less than perfect road conditions, the Flying Spur lets you experience your journey with sure-footed confidence.


Exterior Design

Road presence. A term that takes on new meaning with the introduction of the new Flying Spur W12 S. Never before has a luxury sedan driven so confidently into territory normally occupied by supercars. And while that confidence comes, in part, from a 6.0-litre engine with the power to propel the car and its occupants to a phenomenal to speed of 202 mph, the signs are clear long before entering the cabin.

Like many Bentleys before it, the power line cuts a sleek, superformed crease from the front wheel arch, along the side of the Flying Spur W12 S. It’s a purposeful profile common to each of the models in the Flying Spur range, yet the dark details that adorn its exterior send a series of striking signals. While it represents yet another quintessential demonstration of the handcrafted luxury for which Bentley is famous, this is a car for the serious driver to appreciate.

It's the details that matter

Marking it out from its siblings in the Flying Spur range are numerous darker details. Gloss black metal replaces chrome on the front grille and the headlamp surrounds. Specially designed 21” 7 twin-spoke black gloss wheels can be commissioned with either red or black painted brake calipers, while W12 S rear pillar badges and treadplates ensure there is no doubt as to the identity of the car.

The sports front bumper makes the car appear more contemporary and to onlookers, closer to the road, its wheels apparently planted more firmly on the tarmac. It is an impression made ever more convincing with the addition of a beluga gloss diffuser.

Even the lamps themselves have been treated with a dark tint on the front and rear. While their functionality is unaffected, the effect on the car’s appearance is undeniable.

Taken together, these additions represent a level of luxury that few of the Flying Spurs rivals will ever achieve. This is the power of artisan craftsmanship: on the Flying Spur W12 S, like all the cars in this incredible range, the difference isn’t one thing. It’s everything.



Technology for everyone
In the Flying Spur W12 S, as in any Bentley, every control, every switch, every touchscreen and every dial is designed to feel intuitive and simple. What can seem intricate in other cars feels intuitive in this one, whether you are sitting behind the wheel or in the comfort of the rear cabin.  

Located in the centre of the rear console, the touch screen remote (TSR) controls the rear window blind and rear climate conditions as well as the seat heating and ventilation (where fitted). It can also be used to adjust music volume as well as switching between radio, media, and map modes.

Trip information, vehicle speed and the current time are all available at passengers’ fingertips, while digital content can also be accessed if the optional in-car WiFi hub is selected.