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Last weekend McLaren Beverly Hills teamed up with McLaren North America and the Petersen Museum to present an amazing masterpiece from LEGO.  After 2,000-man hours and just under 300,000 bricks, the LEGO team had created a 1:1 ratio life-sized McLaren 720s! 

We had the opportunity to hear directly from the Head of Design at McLaren Automotive, Mark Roberts about everything that went into building the actual “vehicle.”  From material selection, to wind tunnel testing/aerodynamics of the car, Mark gave us insight into the entire process.

Up next to discuss the car was one of LEGO’s own master builders, Chris Steininger.  Did you know that there are only 7 people in the entire world that are considered a LEGO Master Builder?  The team is based out of Connecticut, where they spend time in the studio building visions into reality – much like the McLaren design team does in the automotive world!

Many guests were really impressed to learn that the orange bricks used to build the car were the standard LEGO orange color since it was incredibly close to the McLaren’s Papaya Orange.  The LEGO master builders mentioned that when building such largescale projects, none of the LEGO materials are produced specifically for the project.  These bricks can be picked off of any toy store shelf!

After the panel wrapped, the LEGO team invited guests up to help finish the build. They specifically left a few areas of the car grey, so that the attendees knew where to lay their orange brick.  The children and the adults were very excited to help put the finishing touches on to the car! 

As people entered and exited the Museum, we had a few of our real cars on display, including 1 of 6 McLaren 570XP car as well as the real 720s in McLaren Orange. For a select few Petersen Members, we held a ride and drive experience in the McLaren 570s Spider following the unveiling and presentation of the LEGO car. 

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