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It’s not every day a dozen Aston Martins drive in a convoy through the streets of Beverly Hills. Even more rare? All the drivers are women.

Last month, Aston Martin Beverly Hills hosted a women’s driving experience and brunch with President of Aston Martin Americas, Laura Schwab, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The group first gathered at Aston Martin Beverly Hills, where a fleet of Aston Martins were provided. Upon arrival at the hotel, guests mingled at an outdoor patio reception while enjoying sparkling beverages.

Brunch commenced with a talk from Schwab, who shared her informative and inspirational experience with guests.

As the first woman to hold a senior position within Aston Martin in 105 years, Schwab is one of only two women in the world to be president of an automotive manufacturer.

In 2018, over half of the top 20 automotive companies had zero women on their executive teams, leaving just 8% of women as executives in the top 20 motor vehicle and parts companies in the Fortune Global 500.

At a time when over half of C-suite leaders in the global automotive industry point to women as a critical pool of underutilized talent, Schwab’s success brings the industry up to speed.

Also in attendance was Candace Cogan, Experiential Brand Manager for Aston Martin the Americas, and Rachel Kelly, Director of Finance and Operations for Aston Martin the Americas. Cogan turned her passion for cars into a career overseeing customer and prospect experiences, vehicle launches, Formula 1 programs and brand partnerships for Aston Martin.

For Kelly, who grew up at the heart of the motor industry in Coventry, UK, the automotive industry was a family trade. Kelly first began as an intern with Aston Martin, and has been with the company for over 14 years.

Following brunch, women had the opportunity to share their experiences through one-on-one Q&A.

While it’s no secret exotic sports cars have historically been perceived as a boy’s club, the exotic car ownership gender gap is beginning to close for Aston Martin. Women like Schwab, Cogan and Kelly are at the forefront of these trends.

The future of women in automotive? An exotic car experience which, much like the woman driving, is both stylish and powerful.

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