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Bugatti is the brand of a family of artists who distinguished themselves in an environment where other automotive brands were operated by entrepreneurs with a purely technical background. the company founder ettore bugatti, born and raised in milan, italy, succeeded in uniting this artistic approach with his technical innovations, thus laying the foundation of a design language that was to mould the bugatti marque. the result was a series of vehicles far ahead of their time, and which are today numbered amongst the most valuable classic cars in the world. the brand’s central philosophy of “art, forme, technique” is a description of its mystique.

Bugatti’s history is marked by a host of dazzling automotive masterpieces but also by an unmatched racing record. Although the grand Bugattis such as the 57SC Atlantic or the majestic Royale are still regarded as superlative, the lightweight, agile and spirited Type 35, which won Bugatti so many titles, is just as representative of the Bugatti brand. Still based where the brand was founded more than 100 years ago, in Molsheim (Alsace, France), Bugatti has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998 and employs about 300 people.

The development of the Bugatti Veyron represented one of the greatest technical challenges in automotive history. The Veyron set two speed world records, in 2010 the Super Sport became the fastest production car in the world with a top speed of 431.072 mph and since 2013, the Grand Sport Vitesse has been the world’s fastest production roadster with a top speed of 408.84 mph driven with the roof down.

All 450 Veyron, the coupes (Veyron 16.4 and the Super Sport), which were limited to 300 units, and the 150 roadster versions (the Grand Sport and the Grand Sport Vitesse) were sold. To date, no other carmaker has succeeded in marketing a product that stands for unique topclass technical performance and pure luxury in a comparable price/volume range.

At the 86th International Geneva Motor Show BUGATTI presented the Chiron. With a power output of 1,500 HP, unprecedented for production vehicles, an exceptionally high torque value of 1,600 Nm between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm and a wide variety of technical innovations, the Chiron sets new standards in every respect. The Chiron is not only designed for maximum speed but also meets the highest possible demands in terms of luxury, comfort, everyday drivability and durability. The Chiron combines the best in all these areas which makes it the world’s most complete super sports car and a unique concept. In the summer of 2017, the Chiron set its first world record: In 42 seconds it accelerated from a standing start to four hundred mph and braked back to a standstill. BUGATTI was the first manufacturer that actually drove this manoeuvre with a production car. At the 88th Geneva International Motor Show in 2018, BUGATTI is presenting the Chiron Sport, a version of the Chiron which offers significantly improved handling and even more agility with unchanged power and performance data.

The Chiron and the Chiron Sport are built at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim. Only 500 cars in total are to be produced.


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