Innovative technology, uncompromised performance. The McLaren 650S is the world’s most versatile supercar, and the Spider takes that one step further with a retractable hardtop that retains the McLaren 650S’s breathtaking dynamics while opening you up to a whole new dimension of driving enjoyment.

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Every surface and control has been optimised so that you get the most from driving your McLaren 650S Spider. An exclusive Carbon Black Alcantara interior provides high levels of grip and unparalleled comfort.

Symmetrical Design

With a potent twin-turbo V8 at your disposal, it’s essential that you can easily locate every control in the McLaren 650S Spider cabin. That’s why we’ve grouped every button and switch to reflect how often you’ll use them, minimising the time you need to look away from the road, or making it so intuitive that you simply don’t need to. Buttons that tailor the driving experience are grouped logically in the centre console; those for the climate-control zones are in the door panels to create an elegant symmetry.

Panoramic View

Not only does the McLaren 650S Spider styling take your breath away, its exterior and interior have also been designed to keep your eyes on the road. The dashboard is laid out simply and logically, the steering wheel uncluttered. The low cowl – another benefit of the powerful V8 being positioned behind you – allows you to scan the road without obstruction, while the tops of the arches are positioned directly above the front wheels and are clearly visible from the driver’s seat. This means you can position the McLaren 650S perfectly, whether you’re clipping an apex at the Nürburgring or manoeuvring into a parking space.


Every time you approach your McLaren 650S Spider, you’ll feel the same tingle of excitement. Every panel, every surface, every detail has been painstakingly designed to look just as good whether the roof is up or down.

Class Leading Retractable Hard Top

It stops raining, the sun comes out, you don’t want to pull over… no problem. Press one button and the McLaren 650S Spider’s retractable hardtop folds gracefully into the bodywork, and it’ll do so at speeds of up to 30kph(19mph).

An Incredible Finish

Just like our Formula 1 racers, every kilogram on the McLaren 650S Spider has to justify its existence. It’s what makes our cars so exciting to drive. The McLaren 650S's paintwork is no exception: our 3-stage, Formula 1-inspired paint technology ensures the colour, tint, lustre and finish is flawless, while keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Whether it’s a personal favourite, or you want to evoke racing cars from McLaren’s illustrious past, you’ll find the perfect colour for your McLaren 650S Spider. The AkzoNobel paints are mixed by hand, applied by hand and finished by hand to exacting standards.

Illuminating Design

Inspired by the McLaren P1™ and echoing the McLaren speed marque, the McLaren 650S features striking all-LED headlights with all functions – dipped- and full-beam, indicators, day-time running lamps – illuminated by LED technology. LED headlights are as bright as Xenon, but last the life of the vehicle and draw less current, saving fuel and CO2.



It’ll take you less than 17 seconds to drop the Spider’s roof, but it took our obsessive engineers six months to drop its weight from our target of 50kg to an even lighter 40kg. That means the mechanisms required to open, close and store it have so little effect on the McLaren 650S Spider’s centre of gravity that it’ll feel just as good scything through a corner as the McLaren 650S Coupe.


The McLaren 650S Spider has a staggering top speed of 204mph, just 3mph less than the Coupe. Even more remarkable, our obsessive engineers ensured that the Spider’s drag increase is minimal at only 3% with the roof down.


The McLaren 650S Spider has a staggering top speed of 204mph, just 3mph less than the Coupe. Even more remarkable, our obsessive engineers ensured that the Spider’s drag increase is minimal at only 3% with the roof down.


Engines are the heart and soul of supercars, but retractable hardtops often hide them from view. The McLaren 650S Spider’s clever tonneau cover solves that problem. Whether the roof is open or closed, you’ll still get a glimpse of the twin-turbo V8 every time you walk up to the car. When the roof is raised, an additional 52 litres of luggage space is available for maximum versatility.