McLaren Beverly Hills mission is not only to provide you with the best sports cars in the world but also to offer the best ownership experience. McLaren Qualified delivers that commitment on pre-owned McLaren cars with the promise of quality and exclusivity with full factory support.




A Qualified Commitment

Buying your pre-owned McLaren from McLaren Beverly Hills provides you with the reassurance that your car has “Qualified” – it has been thoroughly examined against the requirements of the experts that built it and has met every one. Furthermore, you can rest assured that it is not just the car that will meet McLaren's high standards but the entire purchasing and ownership experience.

  • A minimum of one year McLaren Qualified Warranty1, including Roadside Assistance2
  • Every component “Qualified” against a rigorous multi-point inspection by McLaren-trained technicians
  • All servicing and maintenance due within three months of handover will have been carried out
  • All tires will be McLaren approved and have at least 3mm of tread remaining
  • Pre-sale preparation of your pre-owned car to the McLaren Qualified standard
  • Only McLaren genuine parts fitted to the car, ensuring it drives precisely as our engineers intended
  • All vehicle provenance checks available in the market will have been carried out by the McLaren Retailer



A Qualified Peace Of Mind 

Owning a McLaren is about driving. The minimum one year McLaren warranty provides the reassurance that you can continue to enjoy doing just that. The warranty included with a McLaren Qualified pre-owned car may be composed of the balance of the manufacturer's warranty (cars under two years old), a dedicated McLaren Qualified Warranty policy or a combination of both.

Key benefits of the McLaren Qualified Warranty policy:

  • The warranty covers the cost of parts and labour for warrantable repairs carried out at McLaren Beverly Hills or other certified McLaren Service Centres
  • Fully manufacturer-backed warranty offers unrivalled cover on all factory-fitted components, excluding failures related to wear and tear
  • No claim limit or excess to pay when making a claim
  • Valid at all McLaren Retailers & Service Centres in the United States
  • Repairs carried out by fully trained technicians using McLaren genuine spare parts and equipment
  • No hassle - McLaren Beverly Hills will minimise your inconvenience during repairs and handle all of the administration on your behalf
  • No mileage limit from warranty inception
  • Transferable via private sale
  • Upgradeable to two years of warranty




The same high standards that have informed every McLaren road car ever built continue to define every one of those pre-owned cars sold through the McLaren Qualified programme. Representing one of the most technologically advanced car makers in the world means McLaren Beverly Hills attracts high calibre technicians, employing only those who share our tenacious appetite for detail. Passionate about their work, McLaren Beverly Hills technicians put each car through a demanding McLaren multi-point inspection, replacing components and making adjustments as necessary to ensure that each car's new owner will enjoy the same incomparable driving experience as its first one did. 

For us, ensuring that your pre-owned McLaren is in "qualifying" condition is a matter of professional pride. 


All McLaren Qualified vehicles are backed by a 12-month roadside assistance plan. As part of your handover pack, McLaren Beverly Hills will give you a personlized card including details that give you a direct line to the McLaren team should you require support. 

The McLaren Experience

In additon to the practical benefits outlined, McLaren Qualified welcomes you into the McLaren fold with regular McLaren owner publications and access to the ever-expanding McLaren events calendar. Events available to you, many hosted by McLaren Beverly Hills, include McLaren driving experiences or visits to the McLaren Technology Centre and Production Centre.