Wraith was born of a desire to push the boundaries of design and engineering. Dynamic lines create an enigmatic presence - a presence which plays host to the most powerful Rolls-Royce engine ever. Unashamedly built to deliver, Wraith challenges perceptions and offers the most dynamic driving experience in the marque’s history. The name alone evokes a sense of noir. And the striking roofline gives a dynamic silhouette that enhances its power, style and drama. Inspired by European sporting and GT motor cars of the 1930s, the fastback design perfectly captures a spirit of adventure. The sweeping lines evoke a sense of movement, even while standing still. And the fascia is not only an opportunity to personalise: it creates an arrow-like energy – emphasising Wraith’s dynamic quality.

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Your Wraith is more than a motor car. It’s an extension of your individuality. From the smallest details to the most ambitious statements, our Bespoke team go to great lengths to bring your dream Wraith to life. The only limit is your own imagination.  Continuing the style, the largest coach doors in the Rolls-Royce family lead you into a contemporary cocoon, encasing you in an elegant simplicity Rolls-Royce is renowned for. With all eyes forward, Wraith’s dynamic lines and seamless surge of power redefine history. 


A 6.6 litre Twin-turbo V12 engine at its heart, Wraith is unashamedly built to perform. Yet it remains every inch a luxury motor car. Electronically controlled air suspension maintains a smooth drive over virtually any surface, letting you enjoy the signature Rolls-Royce ‘magic carpet ride’. Power is nothing without intelligence. Thanks to our world-class engineering at Goodwood, Wraith not only sees what the driver sees but predicts the road ahead. A first for the automotive industry, the Satellite Aided Transmission uses GPS data anticipate what’s around the corner. It then chooses the right gear for you, leaving you free to relish the drive.



There is nothing else like Wraith. Wraith is the most powerful, most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever built. Combined with its dramatic exterior styling, this is a motor car that doesn’t compromise on any level.