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Color Your Dreams | Bentley Exterior Colors

Ultra-luxury vehicles such as Bentley have become more exclusive, rare and special to own. For that reason, selecting the exact specifications for your Bentley has become a more a sacred process. 

As representatives of the #1 Bentley dealership in the Western Hemisphere, Bentley Beverly Hills' team of luxury consultants are equipped to walk you through the most luxurious Bentley ordering experience available. Choose from multiple colors, some of which are listed below. 
Bentley Motors has given a pre-selected template of colors for you to choose from for each model range, based on the mood and personality of your desired Bentley vehicle. 

Bentley Motors curated Bentayga EWB exterior colors: 
Bentayga EWB Azure First Edition V8: Rose Gold, Cumbrian Green, Ice and Dark Fusion
Bentayga EWB Azure V8: Sequin Blue, Grey Violet by Mulliner, Cricketball and Magnetic
Bentayga EWB V8: Moonbeam, Spectre, White Sand - by Mulliner and Thunder

Bentley Motors curated Bentayga exterior colors: 
Bentayga Speed W12: Dragon Red II, Moroccan Blue, Onyx over Orange Flame by Mulliner and Black Crystal
Bentayga S: Cambrian Grey, Snow Quartz (Pearlescent) by Mulliner, Alpine Green and Kingfisher by Mulliner
Bentayga Azure V8 Hybrid: Sequin Blue, Magnetic, Black Crystal over Ice by Mulliner and Damson
Bentayga V8: Moonbeam, Viridian by Mulliner, Fountain Blue and Glacier White

Bentley Motors curated Continental GT exterior colors: 
Continental GT Speed W12: Dragon Red II, Storm Grey by Mulliner, Orange Flame and Jetstream II
Continental GT S V8: Cambrian Gray, Kingfisher, British Racing Green 4 and Ice
Continental GT Azure V8: Sequin Blue, British Racing Green 4, Snow Quartz by Mulliner and Titan Grey
Continental GT V8: Moonbeam, Neptune, Arctica by Mulliner and British Racing Green 4

Bentley Motors curated Continental GTC exterior colors: 
Continental GTC V8: Moonbeam, Verdant, White Sand by Mulliner and Magnetic
Continental GTC Speed W12: Dragon Red II, Moroccan Blue, Ice and Storm Grey by Mulliner
Continental GTC S V8: Cambrian Grey, Burnt Orange, Jetstream II and Havana
Continental GTC Azure V8: Sequin Blue, Breeze by Mulliner, Tanzanite Purple and Cricket Ball

These are by no means the full range of exterior colors available. Rather, these are style templates carefully curated by Bentley Motors for you to begin the process of building your own bespoke Bentley vehicle. When ordering a custom Bentley, Patience is a Virtue. 

Bespoke Bentley Options

Design is only one aspect of custom building your dream Bentley. Ultra-luxury wouldn't be the pinnacle of the automotive world without loads of features. 

From contrast stitching to custom veneers, heated steering wheels and deep pile overmats, contrast color seatbelts and embroidered emblems to headrests, our team of expert Bentley staff will walk you through creating the true Bentley of your dreams.