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New Lamborghini Exotic Luxury Vehicles for Sale in Los Angeles Area near Santa Monica

Lamborghini is an automaker that produces cars that may simply be described as the pinnacle of perfection. These supercars are some of the finest ever to hit the road, and this fact is attested to by the superior stats that come with each vehicle that rolls off their production line. Discerning Los Angeles Lamborghini drivers have access to some of the most sophisticated technologies found within the automotive industry today. The result is a superior driving experience that allows them to accelerate from 0-60 in under three seconds while enjoying the exceptional sounds that only a high-performance machine can generate. Along with crafting a series of cars that produce an awesome amount of power, Lamborghini has also established itself as a leader in manufacturing daily drivers that excel in every way imaginable. Thus, Lamborghini customers can expect to receive not only a car that is impressive under the hood, but also a car that provides an exceptionally smooth and highly accommodating driving experience.

  • Aventador: At the heart of the Lamborghini lineup is the inspirational Aventador series. Each Aventador model represents some of the best vehicles to come out of Lamborghini's manufacturing facilities. These vehicles possess race-inspired features accentuated by the use of lightweight materials, aggressively aerodynamic designs, and advanced technologies embedded throughout. If you buy or lease an Aventador from our lot here at O'Gara Beverly Hills, you will be acquiring a car that comes with an awe-inspiring V12 engine that is capable of accelerating to well beyond 200 miles per hour.
  • Huracán: A Lamborghini Huracán represents a mid-range Lamborghini that nonetheless possesses superior stats, which make it an exceptional supercar. Whether racing on the track or cruising the streets of Pasadena, you are in control of a powerful V10, which is enhanced by the outstanding aerodynamic design that makes this one-of-a-kind car a beautiful sight.
  • Urus: The Lamborghini Urus is a unique blend of sport utility vehicle and supercar. This vehicle features a standard high-end Lamborghini interior that's highly functional like an SUV, yet it provides the traditional level of performance you have come to expect from a Lamborghini. It produces 650 horsepower while being one of the lightest SUVs in the industry to provide you with a truly outstanding level of performance.